Friday, 20 February 2015

Diffuser Bottle of Flowers - PaperArtsy Paint Challenge

I made this bottle of flowers which is a mash up between the lovely repurposed vase Wanda did here, and the reed diffuser I decorated at the beginning of January. I loved the way Wanda did the painted paper covered wire for the stems and I had some I hadn't yet used although mine wasn't really stiff enough. I mixed Jade and Banana for the green shade. My new Lin Brown stamps just arrived this morning so I used the ones I already had, ELB01. I stamped the flowers in Jade paint on my waste work paper where I had been using all the new shades so it's a mixture of Prawn, Banana, and Lavender mainly.

I painted the left over glass diffuser bottle with Prawn paint - great coverage! Then I stamped it with Mini 26 script in Snowflake. I stamped one of the ladies from the new Lynne Perrella LPC034 onto PaperArtsy tissue paper and painted it from behind with the same range of shades, and adhered it with Fresco Matte Glaze. Finally I coloured a piece of ric-rac with Tangerine Twist to wrap around the neck of the bottle, to tie all the colours in together. It was a bit of a rushed job as I've had a rather difficult week but it was lovely to play around with the new paints, and very therapeutic. I think this shows how vibrant they can be.

I am entering this into the PaperArtsy paint challenge which is here.

Brayered Canvas Notebook Covers with Fresco Paints - Paper Artsy Challenge

The PaperArtsy challenge theme at the moment is to use Fresco Finish paint. I decided to use Leandra and Ellen's brayering technique on sheets of canvas which gave a lovely texture. I then used the sheets to cover some notebooks and stamped some Lin Brown flower stamps using some of the new colours of Fresco paint. I used Banana, Tangerine Twist, Bougainvillea, Lavender, and Prawn. Totally love all the new colours and it's been great fun to at last have a play with them!

I will definitely brayer onto canvas again. IRL the texture and the way it takes the paint is great.

I am entering the PaperArtsy paint challenge which is here.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Damask Tissue Canvas for Paper Artsy Fragile Papers Challenge

This is another project I made when I was playing with the Paper Artsy printed tissue when it first came out, which I am entering into the Fragile Papers challenge. I covered one of their 8 x 8 inch block canvases with a piece of the Damask tissue and lightly gessoed it, and then stencilled the flowers with Fresco mixed with Grungepaste onto the Script tissue and tore round it, and applied it to the canvas. I stamped the words, 'Flora and Fauna' onto a piece of twill bottom right. The flowers bottom left and top right have been stamped with Frescos onto canvas sheet and frayed at the edges, and I've given them a bit of support and movement with packaging acetate. I finished off with one of the resin flowers you can get from Paper Artsy at shows, rubbed with Treasure Gold in White Fire.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Tissue Paper and Stampbord Jewellery Box for Paper Artsy Fragile Papers Challenge

Over on the Paper Artsy Blog, Leandra did a video showing her brayering technique with lovely soft colours, but this time on her 12 x 12 tissue paper. As I had some of this, I was dying to trying it! It's a great technique as the paint makes it a bit more substantial to work with so it doesn't tear too easily, but you still have something that is easy to manipulate around objects. I totally copied Leandra and her colours as I wanted to master the technique, although I have a long way to go:-

Once I had my tissue, I needed to decide what to do with it. I had been saving a gorgeous box with an inlaid section on the top which I bought at the Craft Barn. I had been watching lovely Jo Firth Young demo and had been so mesmerized I ended up buying three of her plates and one mini - I never normally buy that much in one go! She saw me looking at the box in the shop and said I should get it, and said she looked forward to seeing what I would make with it. She was probably just being nice and polite, but JoFy, this is for you!

First of all I covered the whole box apart from the inlaid section with the tissue paper, using Golden Gel Matte which is a good consistency for the slightly thicker paper you end up with. After it had dried I sanded any rough edges with an emery board. I then decided where I wanted my stampbord pieces and painted the top and the knob with Spanish Mulberry. I then brayered the pieces and stamped them in a similar way to the tissue paper.

Whilst I was working I had some of the Ikea kids drawing paper underneath, to protect my table. This was recommended by Alison (butterfly) when she did her Christmas wrapping paper. I quite liked the scrap I ended up with, so I added a couple more bits of stamping and now I have a quirky bit of wrapping paper! Think I will do this from now on!

I still need to decorate the inside of the box which has lovely compartments and a mirror, as well as the drawer. But this is what it looks like now:-

I am entering this into the Paper Artsy Fragile Papers Challenge.

Lynne Perrella and Chatsworth Reverse Canvas - Fragile Papers Challenge

This is the first of my entries for the Paper Artsy Fragile Papers theme. I actually made it a little while ago when I was playing around when Paper Artsy first brought out the Damask and Script tissues and the replacement for the previous Crackly Tissue. I reversed the canvas and painted the edges black and covered the front with Chatsworth which I stencilled with Frescos and Paper Artsy stencils. I adhered a piece of script tissue inside the aperture. I stamped the lady from Lynne Perrella 001 and painted her from behind with Frescos. I made a 'curtain' of orange organza to frame the inside of the aperture. I then mixed Frescos and Grungepaste and stencilled the flowers onto script tissue and added them to the edge of the canvas.

To finish off I added a little bottle with a heart pin in the cork, which I painted with Snowflake and embossed in black with some script from Lynne Perrella 014.

I am entering this into the Fragile Papers Paper Artsy challenge.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Damask Tissue Flowers - Paper Artsy Fragile Papers Challenge

I am so happy to be part of a new Semester at Paper Artsy! The New Year sees changes in the format of the blog and the challenges, which will now be fortnightly and will be set to a theme. The first theme is Fragile Papers - Vellum, Book Pages, Dictionary Pages, Tissue, Mulberry Paper, etc. I am kicking off with a recycled reed diffuser bottle using some of the wonderful damask tissue paper sold by Paper Artsy:-

I hope you will join in the challenge if you are inspired by the theme or any of the designers featured. There is a fab prize! You can see all the details here.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

3Up Portfolio Pastels for Paper Artsy

I'm so sorry this blog post is late going up as I've been poorly and completely out of it today. This past week has been 3Up week over on the Paper Artsy blog. This means that each night, 3 Paper Artsy fans have been showing their favourite techniques. I was absolutely delighted to be working with Gabby and Julie Ann and we quickly decided that the commonality between us was Lynne Perrella, so this was to be the link between our three projects.

We chose to use Lynne Perrella plate 030 which is the one with the lovely big collage stamp. I feel really pleased looking at the way our projects have come together that they show the versatility of this stamp, which is what we had hoped for, as we have all done something quite different. I decided to have a play with Portfolio pastels on Stampbord, which was a bit of an experiment, and you can see some of my test pieces above.

I made a quadrupe slide mailer and used some additional Lynne Perrella stamps for the images to go inside the mailer:-

It was a joy to work with Gabby and Julie Ann and I hope we will have collaborations such as these again.

I do hope you will go over to Paper Artsy to see our three projects, and once again I apologize for my completely 'lost day' today.