Thursday, 30 October 2014

Amazon Folder Inspired by Julie Ann Lee for Paper Artsy

I've been working on a big project over the last couple of days, the gorgeous inspiration of Julie Ann Lee! I don't need to go into too much detail on what I have done as you can see Julie Ann's instructions over on the Paper Artsy blog here and on her own blog here. I have almost completely copied her, except where I didn't have exactly the same items as I was so impressed with the originality of the idea and the composition and choice of colours. We've had loads of these Amazon folders over the years and I have never thought to recyle them before but they are perfect, as you get a fold out pocket inside to tuck a present, and you can peel off layers to reveal all the wonderful corrugated texture!

Here's a close up view showing some little seed beads I added to the hearts:-

I thought the turquoise ribbon would be perfect but I didn't have enough. I had some in cream so I painted it with Beach Hut. You can hardly tell the difference!

 I will definitely be making more of these. Such a cool recyling idea. I think I am going to make this into a gift as a stationery or notelet set maybe?

I am entering this into the Inspired by Julie Ann Paper Artsy Challenge.

Shrink Plastic Bauble Card Inspired by Wanda Hentges for Paper Artsy

The Paper Artsy blog is proving to be a good motivation for me to make some Christmas cards which is something I struggle with every year. I bought Jo Firth Young's A5 plates 27 and 28, the ones with the baubles, when I saw her demo-ing at the Craft Barn recently, and there has been some terrific inspiration on the blog this month also. Being a deadline person I am up against it to get all the things I fancied from this month made in time, especially as I have been away and tied up with family and health stuff as always. I am enjoying getting stuck into the crafting though and it's good for the morale.

This card was inspired by a delightful lady, Wanda Hentges, who made a gift card containing shrink plastic bauble earrings. What a great idea to wear for Christmas dinner! I used to be an HR Manager and we dared one of my colleagues to wear her Christmas cracker hat all afternoon after the Christmas lunch one year. She was always up for a joke. The only thing was, she had a disciplinary hearing that afternoon, and Yes, she did wear it!

For my card I used the new Jo Fresco colours, Turquoise and Cherry Red, which I love, and made two different sizes of shrink plastic baubles, and drew on the hanging bit with a white gel pen. Jo is great at doing doodling and I have mentioned before that I always forget to try it and I am not very good at it. I thought whilst I had the pen in my hand, the black and Kraft cardstock were a good time to give it a go. Must keep trying!

I am entering this into the Paper Artsy challenge, Inspired by Wanda Hentges. Right, off to finish my Julie Ann inspired folder now!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Reverse Stencil Stamping Bauble Card inspired by Anneke for Paper Artsy

Over on Paper Artsy, Anneke De Clerck made some gorgeous Christmas cards using a wonderful choice of colour combinations using the technique where you paint on the reverse of a stencil and flip it over onto your card and brayer over it to get a negative impression. Well if that doesn't make sense, you can see what she did here! She is fast becoming a favourite designer of mine! I found this technique a little hit or miss but I needed to make some Christmas cards and also I recently bought JoFY's bauble set 27 which I thought would work well. I thought I could use the messed up bits to stamp baubles on and cut them out. I don't have any Tim Holtz stencils and I don't have any Christmas stencils at all so I thought I would use a Paper Artsy one and the circles one seemed to be the most neutral and echoed the shape of the baubles. Please Paper Artsy, would you bring out some Christmas stencils for next year as I do love using your stencils?

I used Lake Wanaka, Cherry Red, Orchid, and Yellow Submarine, and then painted a piece of card with Cherry Red to stamp the bauble on. I know there is no greeting but I didn't want to cover up my background. Heck, people will know it is a Christmas card when they receive it, surely?!

I am entering this into the Paper Artsy challenge, inspired by Anneke.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Homes and Gardens Canvas Inspired by Jo Firth Young

I loved the triptych of houses made by lovely Jo Firth Young, Designer for Paper Artsy, and thought I would use up some of the sheets of Chatsworth transferred onto canvas I had left, together with some canvas arches I had had in my stash for ages which I thought would work great for houses, with some more Chatsworth transferred onto them. I used Paper Artsy script tissue as the base of my canvas with some stencilling. At the bottom I used Darcy's grasses stamp and I found to add depth it works well if you turn it upside down and just use the bottom part along the edge for some stumpy grass. For the doors and chimney I have used some Thorndon Hall canvas, with painted buttons. The flowers on the far ends are made as per my blog post here.

I am entering this into the September challenge here.

Lynne Perrella Christmas Card Inspired by Wanda Hentges

One of the delightful new Guest Designers on Paper Artsy, Wanda, did a great background technique using a credit card to scrape Frescos onto Smoothy Heavy Weight Card and build up layers and knock them back. Such a great technique to have in your arsenal and so quick to do. It creates great visual texture and a little paint goes a long way. I used the same colours as Wanda, from Lin's new set with Plum, Marlin, and Evergreen, and added a little Dusty Teal, and Chalk for knocking back. I didn't have an old credit card as I cut back on store cards years ago so I cut up an ice cream lid. It is very important to eat lots of ice cream so you always have plenty of lids. Top Tip.

I'm not big on Christmas so I used a Lynne Perrella image as Lynne is like turkey, not just for Christmas. I made a faux poinsettia using a Lin Brown stencil. I call it 'faux' because instead of red I used Plum to tie in with the colours already used. It's a bit mad so I don't know if it works. I finished off with some dyed seam binding.

I am entering this into the September Paper Artsy challenge.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Fresco Stamped Grungepaste Card - Inspired by Sara Naumann for Paper Artsy


It's always a treat when Sara Naumann guests on the Paper Artsy blog as she gives us both a step by step and a video. We all love a video, I think, and having the step by step makes it easier when you go back to have a look when you want to follow something. I've only just bought my first set of Sara's stamps, ESN09, the one with the sunburst and some grungy bits on, which I know I will use a lot. I think I've been slow to buy them because although I love text and background stamps, I tend to like each project to have a focal image. Seeing how Sara uses them has helped me to get ideas though. I guess I get set in my ways.

For this card, Petra kindly let me use some stamps of hers when she was at my house crafting for the evening. It's a departure from my normal style and I love how it turned out so thank you Sara! Sara showed two cards here and here. I have applied the Fresco to create a frame and also stamped with Grungepaste. For a splash of colour I added some orange buttons which I painted with Frescos - Yes, still some leftover roof buttons! The artful twine arrangement was down to Petra!

I'm entering this into the Paper Artsy challenge, Inspired by Sara Naumann.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Heart Sewing Case with Chatsworth Canvas Transfer

I've been gradually building up the needlework stamp sets from Paper Artsy for a few years now as vintage sewing is one of my favourite themes, and then I spotted that That's Crafty, one of my favourite retailers had a couple of sets in their Clearance section. In fact, they have a few Hot Picks sets at a bargain price! So I now have all of them. I had been working on a heart shaped needlework case and coincidentally their challenge at the moment is All You Need is Love. I wanted to show lots of different things you could do with my canvas transfer technique which you can see on the Paper Artsy blog here. I used a pack of Papermania Bare Basics Canvas Hearts and transferred a mixture of Chatsworth and Thorndon Hall papers onto one side of them, and on the other side I stamped a selection of the sewing images using archival Potting Soil.

I then painted two pieces of shrink plastic, one with Fresco in Dolly Mix, and one in Guacamole, and stamped the largest button in Potting Soil, cut it out with a circle die, and hole punched the holes. I then stitched them onto the different layers.

Sewing always makes me think of love. When I was a child my Mum used to make my clothes and then matching sets for my dolls. I used to go to sleep to the whir of her sewing machine, which she inherited from my grandmother. Such a gentle sound. She has been doing a lot of hand sewing recently as she has lost several stone in weight and has been altering her clothes. I suggested it might help with her Raynaud's, and amazingly, the pain has nearly gone! I guess it has helped the circulation. Her old sewing machine remains a problem, though. It is a BSM in a silvery blue colour, with a wheel, not a treadle. I am guessing it might be around 1930s. It has a bullet bobbin. She wants to use it again but can no longer remember how to thread it. I have searched the internet and looked on You Tube. Any thoughts would be very gratefully received!